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  • Scout (59)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States - Illinois
    Writings on spirituality.
  • Mr. Scout (56)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States
    Doses of freethought and reason. Also featuring responses to Christian arguments.
  • SM Scout (53)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / Canada
    Product design, usability, customer experience, patent-process, hi-tech, ux-jobs
  • theBEattitude (50)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States - Iowa
    A former Christian's thoughts on life, asking questions and seeking answers.
  • sweety (45)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / India
    poems on life,relationships,nature and god,society as a whole
  • Giofilo (45)
    Blog (non-commercial) / Italiano (Italian) / Italy
    appunti borderline di vita, politica e filosofia
  • Mystica Minerva (45)
    Blog (non-commercial) / Nederlands (Dutch) / Netherlands
    Weblog over spiritualiteit, leven en bewustzijn
  • H's Scout (44)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States - Georgia
    these are the writings of a 20 something post-christian in athens, georgia.
  • b-sort (44)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / Canada
    Tips to connect with your partner and sort out conflicted feelings about your relationship
  • Kambulin (44)
    Social Network Profile / English (English) / United Kingdom
    A place for volunteers, campaigners and awareness-raisers to share events, ideas and fun.

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