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  • IsThatLatin (276)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States - Pennsylvania
    Atheism and other such things.
  • StateofProtest (274)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States
    Dedicated to the dissemination of pertinent rational activist information.
  • HDC (266)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States
    Skeptical Atheist Enlightenment
  • EHR (260)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States
    Organizing against child indoctrination.
  • Elessar (239)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / South Africa
    Orthodox Christianity, theology, political commentary, culture and society, art and literature
  • Elastic Mind (217)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / Canada
    Members of the Cultural Creative subculture who own businesses
  • Marianne (196)
    Blog (non-commercial) / Nederlands (Dutch) / Netherlands
    Handel, wandel en worstelingen van journalist Marianne van de Polder
  • Amiable (177)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / Germany
    Amiable discussions about atheism and religion.
  • VioletPlanet (177)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States - California
    A blog about observation and beliefs thru art forms.
  • Life w/o Faith (174)
    Blog (non-commercial) / English (English) / United States
    Dedicated to freeing people from irrational religious faith & to provide aid & community.
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