Curving Normality

What do the Social Sciences and Statistics actually learn us about Society?

Welcome to ‘Curving Normality‘, a website maintained by Rense Nieuwenhuis. Curving normality can best be considered as a hotch-potch collection of many of his interests and activities. Rense Nieuwenhuis presently is a student of the Research Master Social & Cultural Sciences, at the Radboud Univerisity in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).

The blog-section of this site to write about science mainly, but at times some on cultural interests as well might be added as well, such as on literature, music, or movies. When writing about science it is about personal own experiences and impressions, but sometimes on peer-reviewed research as well. The culturally oriented parts are generally on what movies, books, or music I liked (or didn’t like). All the things written here are to be regarded as personal impressions, not as full, professional reviews.

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