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  • brad (589)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Verenigde Staten
    Bible Devotional
  • jamesatracy (581)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Verenigde Staten
    atheist commentary, stories, and testimonials
  • vjack (544)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Verenigde Staten - Mississippi
    Breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism in America
  • Antichristian (459)
    Reguliere website / English (English) / Duitsland
    Rational & Philosophical opposition to Christianity and Monotheism in general.
  • Ubiquitense (420)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / India
    There is something about our society that keeps it chugging, and what makes this happen? Our senses!
  • cubiksrube (411)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Verenigd Koninkrijk
    Godless news and thoughts from another blogospherical atheist
  • Godless (390)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Verenigd Koninkrijk
    exploring the ludicrous mythological landscape presented by the world's many religions
  • Disco Igno (323)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Verenigde Staten
    Covers the dishonesty and ignorance of Ray Comfort, The Way of the Master, and other apologists.
  • Oz Atheist (311)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Australiƫ
    Oz Atheist's thoughts on atheism, religion, philosophy and politics
  • Pinoy Atheist (281)
    Blog (niet-commercieel) / English (English) / Filipijnen
    Atheism with a touch of Filipino hospitality
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